Privacy Policy

Based on the legislation in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 of South Africa (hereinafter referred to as PoPI ACT, of SA) below is a complete disclosure related to the processing of personal data to be executed by 3D Model Agency as part of their scouting activity.


The Data Controller is 3D Model Agency (hereinafter referred to as 3D) and its subsidiaries: SCOUT3DSA, with Offices in South Africa: Cape Town and Johannesburg, whose main role is to manage, boost, valorise and promote the image of those who perform or intend to carry out the role of being a Model. Subsidiaries are operated by official staff and representatives of 3D and report all data for processing directly to the data controller: 3D Model Agency.


The initial collection of data and images may be carried out through various channels and methods: during specially organised scouting sessions, by material sent through the website, delivered directly to 3D staff or at the reception of the respective office/s. The transfer of this data and material is entirely voluntary and therefore, the mere act of having conceded them represents an explicit consent from the interested party to have their data managed by 3D. All the data collected in this first phase will be used exclusively for initial evaluation by 3D staff who will then decide if a collaboration is possible or not with the interested party. Should the decision be positive, the interested party will then be contacted for a subsequent meeting. Should the interested party be a minor, he/she is reminded that parental or legal guardian consent is necessary, and thus, either the material be delivered with special authorisation signed by his/her parents or, before beginning any collaboration, a representative of 3D shall contact the parents to obtain formal authorisation for the processing of the data received. The material may remain in the evaluation phase or follow up phase for a maximum period of up to 3 years, within which time, should the interested party not receive any form of feedback, it would mean that he/she has not been selected for a collaboration with the agency and their data will be eliminated.


All data communicated in this first phase will be evaluated and used exclusively by the agency staff and archived at the headquarters.


We would like to remind you that based on the PoPI Act of SA, the interested party may exercise their rights provided in Chapter 10: Section 73 of the PoPI Act of SA by addressing : info@3Dmodelagency at any given time, and in particular, we would also like to remind you that you are entitled to the following:

  1. Request access to his/her own personal data and ask to rectify, delete or limit the processing of said data.
  2. Know the purpose of the management process, the categories of data processing, the recipients to whom the data is communicated, the retention period.
  3. Revoke their consent at any time, keeping in mind the consequences of their choice.
  4. Request the cancellation (when possible) of data which may no longer be necessary for the scope for which it was collected.
  5. File a complaint with a Privacy or Data Protection Authority.
  6. Know the persons to whom the personal data can be communicated and verify the contracts in place with said persons.